Annual Report


"When Ablecare was established it was with the goals of establishing a holistic therapy and care service that was founded on the belief that with effective education, therapy, training, care and support every person could achieve their own potential regardless of any disability.  The organisation was established as a company Ablecare, which still provides a range of other activities and services.  The company operated and reinvested to provide services with a focus on people with a disability who were in need and finally The Ablecare Foundation charity was established in order to achieve and further our aim of improving the social and welfare state of our community through directly supporting people with a disability who were in need.

Our systems of care , learning and support were developed from years of physiotherapy and training, focused research and experience gained from working with children and adults with complex care needs in education, hospital and community settings and developing specific programmes, strategies and approaches to maximise the ability of an individual to learn. The Ablecare Foundation has continued to strive towards our beliefs and ideals of ensuring people with a disability who are in need are able to access the care and services that others can.

The philosophy of care holds these ideals true. The Ablecare Foundation continues to benefit from the loyal, dedicated staff and individuals both present and past who have all been committed to these principles.

Options available for people with special needs in the community have increased but there is still a significant gap for people with a disability who find themselves in need and unable to access or receive care,  This is the focus of The Ablecare Foundation.

I congratulate the Ablecare Foundation team, clients and loyal families for working to learn, develop and grow as individuals, families and as part of the Ablecare Foundation community.

I thank the families and individuals who have chosen us to support them through their life journey.  

N Hennessy

Chair of the Ablecare Foundation