Make a Donation

The Ablecare Foundation is a registered charity (Public Benevolent Institution status.  Our purpose is to support children and adults with special needs - disabilities who are in need.


Donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.  


As  Deductible Gift Recipent (DGR) , when you donate you will receive a receipt by email for tax purposes.


Donations and support are required for children and adults with complex support needs and disabilities who are in need.  Many of the children we support have been victims of abuse, neglect and trauma and abandonment. Your support can go towards providing basic care, education, nurturing and hope for individuals and families who may be in emergency crisis situations or at risk of homelessness.


Children and Adults with complex support needs and disabilities on our support programmes also receive assistance to enable them to access therapy and health care, education and overcome disadvantage and reach their full potential. You can make a pledge of any amount you wish - however great or small - and help fund a specific program.


You can also choose to donate to a specific appeal.


You can Donate on line or for other amounts and bequests contact us

PHONE (617) 38178700 or 1300 147 583 

By becoming a regular program sponsor you are helping them break the cycle of despair and enjoy a better, brighter future. The support of our donors, fundraisers and volunteers is invaluable. We urgently need your help so that we can continue to change the lives of the children and adults we support.



There are currently more than 40,000 disabled children and adults in Australia whose lives would be significantly improved if they had the right care, therapy and equipment and even more who would benefit from advice, respite care and heightened community awareness of their needs. The sooner we raise more money, the sooner these children can enjoy the life and independence that many people take for granted.